Tricks of a Woman

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Tricks of a Woman
Dessi (Elika Portnoy) is a shy foreigner with a mundane, everyday job at a local fish market and her life is going nowhere fast. Dessi's fortunes take a dramatic turn when she is discovered by Rex (Scott Elrod), a high fashion photographer and gambler who has become disenchanted with the superficial women surrounding him. In debt to his photographer rival Albert (Carlos Leon), Rex can erase the debt if he can turn Dessi into a high fashion model. With a flare of bravado, Rex accepts the challenge of transforming Dessi into a beautiful super-model. In the process, Rex unexpectedly falls in love with Dessi but worries what will happen if she ever learns the real truth. Tricks of a Woman is a romantic story of a woman who transforms from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.
Release date: 2008
Running time: 01:19:44
Directed by: Todd Norwood
Story by: Elika Portnoy , Todd Norwood , Richard Lasser


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