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Footage from Perils of the Jungle,1927 (Ray Corrigan narrates over the silent footage). In between scads of footage from the 1927 serial, explorer Ray Corrigan survives an encounter with a white gorilla, who pretty well has his way with the natives and the jungle animals. The gorilla also has a good eye and kidnaps Lorraine Miller, but Corrigan is in pursuit. Any film with "Crash" Corrigan, Charley King, George J. Lewis, Milburn Morante and the ever-lovely Lorraine Miller, that isn't a western, belongs in any collection of films worthy of being called a collection.
Release date: 1945
Running time: 01:02:19
Directed by: H. L. Fraser
Stars: Ray Corrigan , Lorraine Miller , George J. Lewis , Francis Ford , Budd Buster , Charles King