The Twenty

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The Twenty
Carty Fox (Chopper Bernet) has struggled with his drinking and blackouts for as long as he can remember. Sober once again, he attempts to pull himself out of the gloom and into a more normal life. But what does that normal life look like? And how does he learn to live in it with his discouraged wife (Lisa Darr) and new son? For Carty, the answer arrives in the form of a message written on a twenty-dollar bill. A message which, much to the dismay of his family and friends, creates intrigue and finally drags him into an obsession that leads to a mysterious journey of shame, rage, and pain. In his quest to solve the message on the twenty-dollar bill, Carty encounters a caring bar waitress (Stephanie Niznik) and a reclusive man (Clancy Brown) who may have the answer to all of the mysteries. But will the experience of looking at the man in the mirror set him free or send him over the edge into never ending darkness?
Release date: 2009
Running time: 01:33:26
IMDB rating: 6.1/10
Directed by: Chopper Bernet
Stars: Clancy Brown , Stephanie Niznik , Chopper Bernet
Story by: Walter Spring


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