The trial of Old drum

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The trial of Old drum
The courageous adventures of a boy and his dog. Charlie Burden is a typical eleven-year old boy growing up on a farm in Western Missouri. His summer days are spent helping his dad run the family farm, while also finding time to go fishing at nearby Millers Lake, always accompanied by his faithful golden retriever, Old Drum. Scheming with his best friend Dee to build a secret raft, Charlie nearly drowns, only to be rescued by Old Drum. But Charlies life is turned upside down when his cantankerous Uncle Lon accuses Old Drum of killing his sheep. The town is divided over Drums guilt or innocence, and an old family wound begins to fester. Losing sheep in this part of the country is not taken lightly. Looking to rid the town of a sheep killing menace, Lon files a lawsuit seeking to have Old Drum put to death. Desperate to save Old Drum, Charlie and his father try to obtain the services of one of the states best known lawyers, George Graham Vest. At first hesitant, Vest is genuinely moved by Charlies pleas to save his dog and agrees to take the case. As the trial progresses, the evidence mounts against Old Drum. Having exhausted all legal maneuvering, Vest has one chance left; his closing argument. Vest knows that this speech is a matter of life and death for Old Drum. As he turns to face the jury, he instills in the community and forever memorializes the phrase that "A dog is a mans best friend."
Release date: 19 September 2000
Running time: 01:24:58
Directed by: Sean Patrick McNamara
Stars: Scott Bakula , Randy Travis