The Superman Show - episode 1

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The Superman Show - episode 1
The Mad Scientist & The Mechanical Monsters. The first two classic Paramount Superman cartoons painstakingly restored and edited into a half hour program suitable for television broadcast in single 30 min. time slot. Superior in quality, video and sound to Warner Brothers recent DVD release. Added sound effects complete the updating of these two classic public domain shorts for viewing by contemporary children and adults. I am re-cutting the public domain Superman cartoons from Paramount into a half hour series suitable for broadcast. I am hoping to find a distributor or offer these shows to public access or college stations. No ownership. No royalties. Free free free. I apologize for the soundtrack. It goes a little out of sync. This is because of the upload. My own copy has far superior sound a picture. I re-edited the first two Paramount Superman Cartoons into a half hour series pilot. If I get a TV station interested. Possibly internet. I will run this as a series. There are only 17 shorts. Enough for 8 and a half episodes. I will likely make some "mash-up" episodes by combining bits and pieces of other ones. Similar to what Ralph Bakshi did with the 1968 Spiderman shows. Wish me luck. Major changes: Completely re-cut the opening so it now stands by itself and re-arranged the narrative so it is also closer to the opening of the later series and cartoons and is closer to what most casual Superman viewers are used to. I restored some missing dialogue, sound effects and music. Added a lot of new sound effects. The originals had a lot of music but very few sound effects and very little dialogue. The Mechanical Monsters flame-throwers made almost no sound at all originally. I didn't think that that made sense so I added some flame-thrower sounds. Also, the Mad Scientists "Electrothenasia Ray" did not really make much noise and neither did the things it hit. I added some crashes and such, but am still not really happy with it. I just couldn't find a sound I liked for exploding concrete and bricks. I may continue to make changes and add superior sound to create greater appeal, interest and a more contemporary feel. I updated some things, such as using more modern computer sounds, rockets, space ships, etc. The cartoons openings have been reedited and I isolated the title and credits. Moved the opening credits to the end. Though I have re-edited these episodes, thus making them an original work and protected under copyright, I am relinquishing such copyright and any such ownership, and dedicating these new versions to the public domain. Bloopers: Look closely at the #s on the flying robots in The Mechanical Monsters. The sure saved money on animation here. First its 5 then 13 then 5 then 13 again. I know that buildings are designed to sway in the wind and bend during earthquakes, but do they really bend that much? This movie is part of the collection: Animation Shorts Audio/Visual: sound, color Keywords: Superman; Paramount; Mad scientist; lois lane; clark Kent; mechanical monsters
Running time: 19:43