The Outlaw

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The Outlaw
This timeless American Western is legendary for at least two reasons. Its one of the best takes on the classic tale of Billy The Kid. But its even more famous for being the vehicle that made Jane Russell a Hollywood starlet and sex symbol for the ages. Also starring Jack Beutel and Walter Huston, the movie follows the friendship of Billy and fellow outlaw Doc Holliday, as they both pursue the affections of Hollidays girlfriend, Rio (Jane Russell) while being chased through the desert by Sheriff Pat McGarrett and his posse. Financed and directed by reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes, its release was delayed several years due to censorship issues relating to Russells abundant cleavage! Newly appointed Sheriff Pat Garrett meets with an old friend, Don Holliday, who is on the trail of his stolen horse that Billy the Kid has. When Doc and Billy become friends it affects the friendship with Pat and Doc and he asks them to leave his town.!
Release date: 15 March 1943
Running time: 01:55:42
Directed by: Howard Hughes
Stars: Jack Buetel , Jane Russell , Thomas Mitchell
Story by: Jules Furthman