The Lake Effect

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The Lake Effect
Rob Lawson (Ross Partridge) is a middle-aged man-child bent on success. With his latest business venture on the rocks, Rob eagerly escapes with his young wife Natalie (Tara Summers) to Lake Michigan for a summer vacation. But spending time in his inherited lake house is a constant reminder of his unfulfilled goals. Rob becomes more disillusioned when his estranged 18 year-old daughter Celia (Kay Panabaker) shows up unannounced and 9 months pregnant. When a doctor orders Celia not to travel back to Cincinnati until the baby comes, Rob must learn to be a father before he becomes a grandfather.
Release date: 2010
Running time: 01:33:00
IMDB rating: 5.4/10
Directed by: Tara Miele
Stars: Kay Panabaker , Tara Summers , Ross Partridge
Story by: Tara Miele


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