The Bear and the Doll

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The Bear and the Doll
Cellist Gaspard is living in a big house in the country with his son and three nieces. He likes being quiet. One day, his modest car bumps into a Rolls-Royce, driven by Felicia, a young, beautiful, wealthy and temperamental woman. And she knows it. She is very angry at him because he seems not to be under her charm. She decides to seduce him, but Gaspard did not feel like letting his life being invaded by such a woman.
Release date: 1970
Running time: 01:28:18
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Directed by: Michel Deville
Stars: Brigitte Bardot , Jean-Pierre Cassel , Daniel Ceccaldi
Story by: Nina Companeez , Michel Deville