My Name Is Jerry

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My Name Is Jerry
Door-to-door salesman, Jerry Arthurs life is filled with slamming doors and low expectations. The world has lost its attraction. He is a middle-aged divorcee with an unsure and unwanted future, a daughter he has not seen or spoken to in years, a dead-end job and low self-esteem. In other words, Jerry is close to hitting rock bottom. But one day Jerry stumbles on a group of young people with their futures before them. Their energy and music reminds him that you can influence your life for the better regardless of the past...if you choose to do so. Through new and old friends alike, Jerry discovers you can move forward even when you cant see exactly where you are going. What is My Name Is Jerry about? As Jerry puts it, What happened to going with your gut? My guts been telling me to turn things around. To change.
Release date: 2009
Running time: 01:39:44
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Directed by: Morgan Mead
Stars: Doug Jones , Allison Scagliotti , Don Stark , Katlyn Carlson
Story by: D.C. Hamilton , Andrew Janoch


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