Moonbeam Bear and his Friends

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Based on the series of successful childrens books, published in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Korea, France, Israel, Denmark, USA, Spain and Greece so far. Chaos and confusion in the forest! The moon has vanished from the sky! Its pitch-black, and Badger, Frog, Duck, and Ladybug stumble around in the dark. Where oh where could Moon be? They set off to search for the moon together with the other animals. Suddenly they see a bright light coming from inside Moonbeam Bears house. They can barely believe their eyes. Moonbeam Bear and Moon sit peacefully at the table playing a game of checkers. The animals dont know what to do. Moon has to get back up in the sky right away ? but how can they get him back up there? And then, to make matters worse, now Moon has nodded off and hes soundasleep ...
Release date: 22 April 2008
Running time: 01:08:35
IMDB rating: 5.7/10
Directed by: Mike Maurus