Lost Dream

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Lost Dream
Emotionally distraught and depressed, Perry Roberts (Michael Welch) has lost faith in all the things he held true his family, girlfriend and the American Dream. Perrys life takes an even more drastic turn when he meets Giovanni (Shaun Sipos), an art student whose twisted life is dominated by sex, drugs, a deadly game with a gun and a single bullet! Opposites attract as Perry and Gio engage in an emotional roller coaster fueled by drugs and a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Can Perry save Gio in time or will he be too late?
Release date: 2009
Running time: 01:30:09
IMDB rating: 5.0/10
Directed by: Asif Ahmed
Stars: Michael Welch , Patricia Richardson , Shaun Sipos
Story by: Asif Ahmed


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