Lightning: Fire from the Sky

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Thunder rolls as a violent storm speeds across the Midwest. Crack! A bolt of white-hot lightning rockets from the clouds, splitting a tree and launching an orange fireball towards the sky! Three hundred miles away, in Rutland, Missouri, fourteen year old Eric Dobbs (Jesse Eisenberg) stays up late tracking the weather on his computer. Alone in his room, watching storms dance across the screen, Eric discovers an amazing, rare weather pattern is about to unfold in the skies over Rutland. It appears as if two giant storms are on a catastrophic collision course, set to meet over his hometown! From his calculations, Eric believes that the force of the storm could destroy everything in Rutland!
Release date: 17 March 2001
Running time: 01:31:06
IMDB rating: 4.3/10
Directed by: David Giancola
Stars: Jon Schneider , Michele Green , John Schneider (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM , BEVERLY HILLS 90210)
Story by: Jesse Eissenberg (ZOMBIELAND , SOLITARY MAN)