Letting Go

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Letting Go
Joel Slater has a hard time letting go of anything and when his gorgeous, demanding girlfriend considers leaving to start a new life without him, Joel is forced to take a serious look at his life. His Boss expects the world of him and has no sense of boundaries, but hes Joels closest friend. His most important client is a sociopath.but he pays the bills. Besides his parents Joel has three huge dogs, Dragon, Ted and Hurricane. Joels dilemma is that everyone one in his life has needs that are greater than his ability to fulfill. Letting Go is the journey of self-discovery and recovery from lifes toughest obstacles.
Release date: 2012
Running time: 01:23:49
IMDB rating: 6.4/10
Directed by: Jake Torem
Stars: Jake Torem , Shirly Brener , Luca Bercovici
Story by: Jake Torem


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Letting Go
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