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A botched car-jacking forces two white-collar criminals Henry McFarlin (Brian Geraghty The Hurt Locker, Jarhead) and Peter (Jonathan Cake- First Knight) to take refuge in the home of the thugs, Wishbone (Sam Jones III Glory Road) and Rebob (Charles Malik Whitfield Behind Enemy Lines) that accosted them. KREWS is a provocative story that pits the sophisticated world of wireless global trading against the primitive world of inner city drug trafficking. Over the course of one explosive night: worlds collide, fortunes shift, lives are cast aside and the most unsuspecting of heroes walks away with a multimillion dollar score!
Release date: 2011
Running time: 01:45:30
IMDB rating: 5.7/10
Directed by: Hilbert Hakim
Stars: Brian Geraghty , Jonathan Cake
Story by: Joshua Leibner


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