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Stephen Jameson (Gregory Smith) has had his life planned out for him for quite some time; college, med-school and then rich, successful surgeon. Problem is, he's gone down that wrong path. Drugs have steadily taken over his life, he can't stay sober and he is now faced with telling his parents he's about to fail out of school. The decisions that Stephen makes over the course of one night out with best friend Eric (Brendan Sexton III) land him in rehab. Lucky to still have his life, his parents forcefully convince Stephen into Second Chances Rehabilitation Center. While at Second Chances, he crosses paths with several fundamentally different people whom all share a very crucial commonality, addiction. From his alcoholic counselor Jerry (Jamie McShane) to the recently ousted rock star, Rob Vills (Zack Ward), Stephen will be faced with the mistakes of others and confronts him with his own important decision. Will he find the right path, or will he get lost in the twists and turns of life's many roads?
Release date: 2013
Running time: 01:30:32
IMDB rating: 4.9/10
Directed by: David Lisle Johnson
Stars: Gregory Smith , Zack Ward , Shantel VanSanten
Story by: Joseph Ferrugio , David Lisle Johnson


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