I downloaded a Ghost

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Looking for a Ghost? Twelve year old Stella stumbles across a curious website, GHOST.COM, while surfing the internet for ideas for the neighborhoods haunted house contest. Stella thinks shes found the perfect source for creative inspiration however, what she doesnt realize is that the Internet connection provides a pathway for ghosts! After several minutes connected to the site, a real ghost named Winston appears before Stella. A seasoned practical joker, Stella attempts to tell others that shes downloaded a ghost, but her parents and friends dont believe her. According to Ghost.com, an undead spirit has until midnight on Hallows Eve to reconcile his account, otherwise he will be doomed to wander in limbo.It also states, the downloadee can only be aided by the downloader. That means Stella is the only person who can help the trapped ghost! After Winston plays several one ghostly tricks on Stella, she finally agrees to help him, if hell just leave her alone!
Release date: 15 August 2004
Running time: 01:30:30
IMDB rating: 4.6/10
Directed by: Kelly Sandefur
Stars: Ellen Page (JUNO , X-MEN) , Barbara Allen Woods (ONE TREE HILL) , Corazza
Story by: Vince