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The series describes the events that took place in a small village. Most of the characters are faced with incredible force, later it changed them. The episodes take the audience back and forth in time, takes a look at the fateful events for the characters from the point of view of different characters. Madina is one of the hunters on evil. Alexandra best friend Madina, saw a vision. All hunters on the trail of evil and they are going to go to the village Karbush for a magical book that will help unravel the vision of Alexandra, but they prevented the stranger...
Release date: 2015
Running time: 00:51:00
Directed by: Paul Latushkin
Stars: Natalia Taran , Jana Chapaeva , Anton Shevchenko , Igor Suppes , Vitaly Orover Paul Latushkin Vlad Blinov , Alexander Gudkov , Alexandra Afanasyeva , Sonia Mogil , Valentin Morskoy , Maria Hrabrostina Maxim Gavrilov