Frozen Impact

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Natures Fury Unleashed.Violent storm clouds engulf the skies above the Green Mountain Range of Vermont. Baseball-sized hail rains down on a campsite, ripping apart a trailer and killing two unsuspecting hunters. But the storm is only beginning to build In nearby Rutland, tension is building within the Blanchard household. The family anxiously awaits word on a donor for 12-year-old Jason (Myles Jeffrey), who desperately needs a new liver. His father Dan (Ted McGinley), an emergency dispatcher, and Christy (Linda Purl), a doctor at the local hospital, are overprotective of their children. They wont allow Jason to perform a magic show at a used-car auction or sister Marie (Nicole Paggi) to mountain climb with her friends. Dan has a change of heart and, unbeknownst to his wife, permits his children to go unaware of the raging tempest about to set in.
Release date: 09 June 2003
Running time: 01:30:31
IMDB rating: 4.2/10
Directed by: Neil Kinsella
Stars: Ted McGinley (THE WEST WING , PEARL HARBOUR) , Stacy Keach , Linda Purl (THE OFFICE , BONES , COLD CASE)