Falling Overnight

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Falling Overnight
Falling Overnight tells the story of twenty-two year old Elliot Carson (Parker Croft) on the day before he has surgery to remove a brain tumor. Facing what could be his last night, Elliot's path intersects with Chloe Webb (Emila Zoryan), a young photographer who invites him to her art show. Elliot welcomes the distraction and as the night descends, Chloe takes him on an intimate and exhilarating journey through the city. But as morning approaches, and Chloe learns of Elliot's condition, the magic of the evening unravels, and they must together face the uncertainty of Elliot's future
Release date: 2013
Running time: 01:28:57
IMDB rating: 6.7/10
Directed by: Conrad Jackson
Stars: Parker Croft , Emilia Ares Zoryan , Barak Hardley
Story by: Aaron Golden , Parker Croft


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