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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Join Drive it! for a look at one of the most popular compact cars worldwide AND a whole fleet of fascinating classics sports cars.Present it! The VW Golf GTDGTD stands for "Gran Turismo Diesel," meaning a blend of sporty style and long-distance performance. VW is introducing its latest Golf GTD. It's tougher and twice as thrifty as its predecessor. According to the carmaker, just 4.2 liters of diesel fuel will take the car 100 kilometers.Compare it! The Ferrari Testarossa vs. the Lamborghini CountachTwo of the meanest beasts of the 1980s and '90s - the raging bull versus the prancing stallion - Ferruccio Lamborghini meets Enzo Ferrari. Our special comparison this week pits a Lamborghini Countach Anniversary against a Ferrari 512 TestaRossa. A giant spoiler, unique design, edges where others had none - and the unmistakeable gullwing doors. The Lamborghini's aggressive design is an attention-getter. The 512 TR was a creation of Pininfarina's exclusive design studio. Inside it! Planned Obsolescence for Cars: Conspiracy or Myth?There was a time when, as long a car was properly maintained, its engine and mechanical parts would keep working indefinitely. For today's car owners, those days are long gone. Nowadays, if something breaks down, it can rarely be repaired easily - if at all. Drive it! takes a closer look.Test it! The Mercedes GL 500Since 2006, Mercedes has sold more than 200,000 first-generation GLs. A few months ago, the Stuttgart carmaker introduced the second generation of its luxury SUV. New engines are designed to make the car more economical than its predecessor. Drive it! takes a closer look at the latest Mercedes SUV luxury liner.Vintage! The Kitzbühel Alpine RallyHeld in the Austrian Alps, the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally is one of the most scenic of all car rallies. Around 200 classic and vintage cars representing seven decades of automotive history take to the mountain roads of Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria.Spectators at this year's rally were treated to the sight of open-top race cars from the pre-war period, elegant coupes, roadsters and even a glimpse of Herbie, the Love Bug.
Running time: 21:21