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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive it! brings you a new compact car, a concept for the future and a blast from the automotive past.Present it! The Seat LeonSeat is sending a new generation of its top-selling Leon out onto the streets. The new edition is based on the MQB modular platform common to the Golf 7 and other Volkswagen Group models. This new Leon has little in common with its predecessor, however, having been given a full revamp.Picture it! Smart’s ForStars Concept CarConcept cars are the automotive dreams of the future. Their lavish designs make them real eyecatchers. Smart’s two-seater ForStars boasts an all-electric drive and ample cargo capacity. Compared to the current Smart Fortwo, the sport utility concept has a longer wheelbase and wider track, enhancing its flamboyant look.Test it! The Ford B-MaxThe Ford B-Max resembles a Swiss Army knife in some respects. It's compact, but has lots of functionality. It's only a few centimetres longer than a Fiesta and has no B pillar. That makes getting in and out and loading easier. This isn't just a car that would interest young families.Examine it! The danger of fraudsters when buying a used car onlineSome offers really are too good to be true. On the face of it, a car might look like a bargain, but it could be a trap laid by fraudsters. Drive it! shows the pitfalls to avoid.Vintage! DeLoreanThe DeLorean Motor Company is synonymous with the only model it ever produced - the DMC-12. Originally conceived as a mid-engine sportscar, the futuristic-looking car had to be redesigned into a rear-engine edition to accommodate the big, heavy V6 powerplant. The Delorean is probably most famous for its star-turn in the "Back to the Future" movies.The manufacturer had already gone bankrupt in 1982, however, after making just 9,000 vehicles.
Running time: 25:46