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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive it! goes time-traveling through German automotive history: from the latest Mercedes model back to a classic 1937 Horch.Present it: Mercedes CLS world premiereIn the future, drivers will be able to choose between five powerful and efficient engines for the CLS coupe and CLS Shooting Brake, all of them fulfilling the Euro 6 emissions norm. New in this class is the CLS 220 BlueTEC with a 4-cylinder diesel engine and common-rail direct fuel injection, two-stage exhaust turbocharging, and BlueTEC technology.This engine produces 125 kilowatts (170 horsepower) and generates a maximum torque of 400 Newtonmeters. In Germany, prices for the CLS coupe begin at about 54,000. Inside it: A parking robot at Dusseldorf AirportAt Dusseldorf Airport, the parking robot "Ray" has ushered in a new era in the parking garage. Travelers can simply leave their cars at the curb and head straight for the check-in counter. The robot, a driverless transport system, takes over from there. A computer calculates where the cars can be best parked and gives Ray his instructions. Drive It! took a closer look at Ray.Taste it: The Skoda Octavia ScoutThe Scout is Skoda's new, adventurous, 4WD model in its station wagon series. The second generation of the Octavia Scout station wagon crossover has ample interior space and great functionality. Drive It! tested the version with the most powerful diesel engine, the 2.0 TDI with 135 kW, a 6-speed automatic shift (DSG), and all-wheel drive.Examine it: A VW Bus Festival on the BalticFor decades, the classic VW Bus - lovingly known as the Bulli in Germany - has been an icon of 1960s Flower Power, life on the road, and freedom. 405 VW buses of all generations, from the T-1 to the T-5, converged on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn recently for the 'Midsummer Bulli Festival'.Drive It! joined in the fun, taking in the amazing range of modifications and conversions of the VW Bus, and listening to some of the stories its fans have to tell. Vintage: Horch 930 V BJ 1937By the time the Horch 930 V appeared in 1937, the German auto industry was in a serious crisis. With the government gearing up for war, the scarce resources available all went towards building up the military. The economy was bled dry - a less than ideal time to launch a luxury car.But the Horch 930 V still found buyers, and its specs were indeed impressive for the time: eight cylinders, nearly five meters in length and a curb weight of nearly two tons. More than 2,000 units rolled out by 1940.
Running time: 25:40