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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive it! looks at new luxury limos and classic cars from the Beetle to the Bentley.Present it!: The fifth generation BMW 7 series gets a faceliftBMW debuts its new and improved, fifth-generation 7 model.Since 1977, the 7 has been a BMW flagship. Alongside the Audi A8, the VW Phaeton, the Jaguar XJ and the Mercedes S class, the BMW 7 is one of the world's leading luxury vehicles. For the 2013 edition, the appointments and interior have been given a make-over. And improved motor technology has made the luxury limousine more efficient. Drive it! put the BMW 7 through its paces.Inside it!: Smart BRABUS - The 10th AnniversarySmart and BRABUS celebrate a decade of working together.German carmaker Smart and the German supertuner BRABUS are marking the 10th anniversary of their joint project with a very special car. This extremely limited edition is a personalized version of Fortwo Brabus with 75 kilowatts. Over the past decade BRABUS has souped-up and pimped up some 50,000 Smarts. Now for customers who really want everything done their way, there's the Smart-BRABUS Tailor Made. Drive it! checked out this unique model.Examine it!: VW Beetle Sunshine Tour 2012Once a year since 2004, fans of the VW Beetle have been converging on Germany's Baltic coast for the VW Beetle Sunshine Tour.This year, more than 2000 Beetle enthusiasts took part in the event celebrating everybody's favorite round, insect-like vehicle. The VW Beetle Sunshine Tour has been growing by leaps and bounds, with owners of current models joining drivers of classic cars. Drive it! examines what makes Beetle freaks tick.Test it: Opel ZafiraThere's lots of room even with all seven seats left in.There's no doubt that the Opel Zafira is a practical vehicle, but the latest model puts increased emphasis on design. Opel is also equipping the mini-van with a range of options usually only available with luxury cars. That, of course, comes at a cost. Extras can take the price tag from 29,705 to more than 40,000 euros. So is the new Zafira worth it? Drive it! finds out.Vintage: Bentley 3 1/2 LitreBentley is a brand with a huge history.Bentley is a name that stands for excellence, innovation and dramatic change. In 1931, the company went broke and was bought out by competitor Rolls Royce.The first vehicle to be produced after the sale was the Bentley 3 ½ Liter - intended as a sporty alternative to the Rolls-Royce 20/25. The first of these stunning cars hit the market in 1933, and before long owners were taking the wheel themselves rather than leave the driving to their chauffeurs. Drive it! takes a vintage Bentley 3 1/3 Liter out for a spin.
Running time: 25:47