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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
In this edition of Drive it! we focus on two contemporary classics, the Bentley Mulsanne and the BMW Z8, two cars that reflect automotive history.Test it!: Bentley MulsanneThe Bentley Mulsanne is named for one of the straightaways on the Le Mans racing circuit. Bentley won the legendary 24 race five times during the 1920s, and the 296-kph maximum speed of today's Mulsanne would have been quite worthy of such a track. This chauffeur-driven limousine embodies pure luxury and elegance. Drive it! takes the English behemoth for a little spin in the country.Taste it!: Seat Leon SCThe three-door Leon SC is a little sport sedan bursting with confidence and an extra dose of sporting performance. Its wheel base is just 35 millimeters shorter than the five-door version of the Leon. Drive it! puts the three-door Leon SC through its paces.Examine it!: Children and Traffic SafetyPeople become part of traffic long before they get their driver's licenses. Small children are of course part of everyday traffic - and often the source of uncertainty for car drivers. So what are children allowed to do in the streets, and what responsibilities do car drivers have toward them? Drive it! examines the laws in Germany.Test it!: Ford KugaThe market for compact SUVs is booming, and Ford want to make sure they get their slice of the pie with the new second generation Kuga. The intelligent four-wheel drive is suited to all driving conditions, with impressive driving dynamics, stability and traction. Drive it! went on the road in the biggest Kuga diesel engine available, which packs 120 kilowatts of power.Vintage: BMW Z8The BMW Z8 may not be all that old, but it's already a classic. It made its debut in 1999 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and by 2003 aficionados had already voted it a "classic car of the future.” The design recalls the sleek lines of the 1955 BMW 507, and only 5703 were every made. Drive it! take a closer look at one of them.
Running time: 22:51