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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
This week Drive it! presents a pocket rocket for the city, a vintage Lamborghini and heads to Austria to party with VW GTI fans.Present It! The Toyota AygoThe first generation of the city car Toyota Aygo was already a great success. Now, the Japanese carmakers are hoping to tap into this and have released an upgraded model with enhanced qualities and a unique design. The Aygo is efficient, nimble and versatile and is supposed to hook young buyers.Inside It! Porsche's Convertible TopsStarting with its very first series production model in 1948, the 356, Porsche has issued all its sports cars in open and closed-top versions -- with the roof custom-designed for each model and purpose: convertible, roadster, Targa and others. For years, the tops had to be put up and down by hand; today they're fully automatic.Drive It! reviews the stages Porsche's convertible tops have passed through and catches a glimpse of the latest design: the new 911's panel bow top. Taste It! The Skoda Yeti 4x4Skoda offers a number of models with all-wheel drive: the Yeti, Octavia and Superb, both as sedans and station wagons. The Yeti's 5th Generation Haldex transmission comes into its own off-road. The power is distributed to the wheels as needed to achieve the best grip. We test-drove the Skoda Yeti 4x4 on rugged terrain and in extreme conditions.Vintage: The Lamborghini CountachThe Jaufenpass in the Italian Alps is the ideal launching pad for the Lamborghini Countach. The sporty number is like a cross between a car and a spaceship. Its market premiere in 1973 triggered an earthquake in the sports car industry - the design took everything to the extreme. Just 1.07 meters high, it's guaranteed to turn heads.When the revs tip 8000, the Countach hits its limit of 375 horsepower. In 1974, a top speed of 288 kilometers an hour was enough to be called the fastest car on the road. And even today, opening the car's scissor doors is enough to draw a crowd. Examine It! VW GTI MeetEvery year GTI fans from across Europe flock to Lake Wrthersee in Austria to party. What began as a small spontaneous gathering in the 1980s has developed into a major event where the Volkswagen Group unveils concept cars. Drive it! travelled to Austria to check out the GTIs and join in the fun.
Running time: 25:47