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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
This week Drive it! looks at the dangers of text-messaging at the wheel, a couple of new sporty models and takes a trip back in time to remember a pioneering vehicle among German sportscars.Admire it! The VW Golf RThe R is the flagship of VW's Golf model range. This sportiest of all Golfs is powered by a re-designed 221-kW TSI engine. Like the three editions before it, the new R puts the turbo power to the road with a permanent all-wheel-drive setup.Its driving dynamics are down to a newly designed chassis two centimeters lower, a state-of-the-art steering system developed for the race track, and the ESC Sport function (which, for the first time, can be fully deactivated). Test it! Fiat 500LFiat presents the latest resurrection of the classic 500. The mini MPV variant, the 500L, is very contemporary affair. The new model actually resembles the Punto more than the original 500, except for the design. The L version has much more cargo space than its little predecessor.Examine it! Text messaging -- danger behind the wheelAlmost every German driver knows that driving while using a hand-held phone is against the law. But 40 percent do it anyway. Of Germany's 2.4 million accidents a year, 10 percent are due to attention lapses. People often underestimate the effects of reading or writing text messages in the driver's seat.Taste it! The BMW 4 Series CoupeTo create a coupe, the car designers cut a little off the top, style the rest and charge the car buyer a fair bit extra. Drive It! takes a good close look at the BMW 4 Series coupe and decides that, under the surface, it's little more than a normal 3 Series. It just costs some 3,000 more. Is the coupe worth the money?Vintage! Porsche 64Flowing contours and perfect curves - a timeless automotive design. The 64 bears a strong resemblance to the Bug. In fact it was designed by the then head of Volkswagen - a certain Fedinand Porsche. This car was a design precursor to the postwar production model that would make his name world-famous. The Porsche 64 was built in an extremely limited edition of three.
Running time: 16:43