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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive it! presents the most exciting sports cars of yesterday, today and tomorrow.Present It!: The Audi RS7 SportbackA standard adaptive air suspension brings the RS7's body twenty millimeters lower than the regular A7 and makes it sportier without sacrificing comfort. Under the hood, a twin-turbo V8 4.0 liter TFSI puts out 412 kilowatts of power. The RS7 makes the sprint from zero to 100 km/h in an impressive 3.9 seconds. In Germany, the base model RS7 will start at 113,000 euros.Examine it! BMW i8 PredriveBMW will officially unveil its i8 model at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in mid-September. The gasoline engine of the 2+2 plug-in hybrid has a performance of 170 kilowatts and propels the rear wheels. The 96-kilowatt electric motor drives the front wheels. This hybrid system can be driven in all-electric mode or in combined mode for an all-wheel-drive setup that can take those bends at speed. Though it’s still sporting a camouflage paint-job, we take a closer look. Spot it! The spare parts rip-offThe bill often comes as a shock. Spare parts sold by authorized repair shops are usually extremely expensive. Over 80 percent of a car's parts are made by firms who supply both the original carmakers as well as independent retailers, who generally sell them at a much lower price. We give you a few tips how to maximize your savings.Test It!: Jeep Grand CherokeeFor 21 years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been the granddaddy of off-roaders. The revamped 2014 model has already rolled onto showroom floors in Europe. In the predecessor model, the 184 kilowatt, 3-liter diesel engine was far and away the most popular version. We put the new model through its off-road paces.Vintage! The Karmann GhiaThe Karmann Ghia is a heartbreaker of car. But it does have one small drawback -- its design is far racier than its driving performance. The first Ghias were fitted with a 30-horsepower VW Beetle engines, while later models got 50 horsepower. But it still has enough panache to satisfy modern-day enthusiasts.
Running time: 20:58