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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Small cars making it big ... Drive It! Shows how a Mercedes-A-Class has been transformed into a real racer. We also look at competition among manufacturers to sell Europe’s cheapest supermini. Plus: an American police car with a 5.7-liter V8 engine on the roads of Germany.Present it! Mercedes A45 AMGWe present a first: a Mercedes A-Class powered by a four-cylinder AMG engine with265 kW. The performance arm of Mercedes-Benz has given the series a serious souping up - in keeping with the new, more dynamic image of the A-Class.Test it! Lancia ThemaThe similarities between the Chrysler 300 and the Lancia Thema are no coincidence - they were developed together and share the same platform. Drive It! takes the new Lancia flagship out for a spin, to see how its elegant and spacious American design combines with classic Italian styling.Examine it! Spare parts - Quality at a nice priceReplacing car parts with the original-brand article means spending a lot more money than necessary. Drive It! finds out how you can cut your costs by buying no-name alternatives. They are identical to the originals - except without the brand name.Taste it! Mitsubishi Space StarThe Dacia Sandero is Europe's cheapest supermini, but is now facing a rival from Japan: the Mitsubishi Space Star. As soon as it was brought out in Asia, the car sold so well that its launch in Europe had to be delayed because manufacturers couldn't keep up with demand. The Space Star is available in Europe from €8,990.Am Rande: US Policecar Chevrolet CapriceAndré Hagemann is the proud owner of a genuine LAPD patrol car. His Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 was taken out of police service in 2008. Over in Germany, the car is a real head turner - both on the roads and at special meets. It comes with a 5.7 V8 engine that delivers 264 hp.
Running time: 17:11