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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
On this edition, Drive it! shows you how to go off-road in style. We also compare various fuel-saving and environmentally friendly cars to see how suitable they are for daily use.Present it! Mercedes GLAn SUV with the luxury features of an S-Class.Mercedes brought its first generation GL onto the market in 2006, so it's time to roll out a successor. In technical terms, the GL is closely related to Mercedes' M Class. However the GL offers more creature comforts. An AIRMATIC air suspension system, which allows for a maximum ground clearance of 30 centimeters comes as standard. Revamped engines will also help the new GL about 20 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor. The luxury SUV will retail in Germany for about 72,000 euros in the standard version.Compare it! Putting Fuel-Saving Models to the TestLowering fuel consumption is the name of the game for both carmakers and drivers.But which fuel-saving concept works best? Drive it! puts 4 fuel-efficient models to the test: SEAT's Mii Ecomotive with its small, thrifty gasoline engine; Citroën's C3 Picasso Vti 95 LPG, powered by liquefied petroleum gas; Opel's Ampera hybrid and the Nissan Leaf, a purely electric model.Test it! Volvo V40With the V40, Volvo is presenting a completely redeveloped hatchback model.Alongside its dynamic exterior design, the Volvo V40 has a lot of high-tech features to offer. All of the engines variants are equipped with fuel-saving features. Volvo is offering two gasoline and three diesel engines. The smallest diesel features 85 kilowatts under the hood and consumes just 3.6 liters of fuel over 100 kilometers. The V40 is also the world’s first series-produced vehicle equipped with a pedestrian airbag. And the V40 doesn’t stint on driver’s assistance features that give the car an added safety boost, either.Vintage! Porsche Carrera RSA real treasure is tucked away in Thomas Müller's garage in the Bavarian town of Tegernsee: an original Carrera RS.Müller searched long and hard to find his 1973 Porsche Carrera RS, as only some 1500 were ever made. The RS was the first Porsche 911 to sport the Carrera name. Compared to the standard 911s of the time, the RS was built using thinner glass and sheet metal, making it around 100 kilos lighter. It was also the first Porsche to ever be fitted with a large rear spoiler. This classic car is so sought after that many fans have created replicas from standard 911 models. This makes Thomas Müller all the more proud to own a true original.
Running time: 18:23