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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
A four-door executive-style coupé, two SUVs up against each other, a tearaway Mini, green commercial vehicles and a bus trip back in time - in this edition Drive it! again samples some the variety of the world of automobiles.Present it! The Mercedes CLS Shooting BrakeIn 2004, Mercedes started production of its four-door executive-class CLS coupé. Now, for the second generation, Mercedes-Benz has expanded on the concept and added a station wagon based on the CLS platform - the CLS Shooting Brake, with a fifth door: the large tailgate, which opens onto an ample cargo area. Drive It! tested the CLS 250 CDI Blue Efficiency Shooting Brake with a 150 kW diesel engine. In Germany, prices start at 61,761 euros. Compare it! VW Tiguan vs. Suzuki Grand VitaraWe take two SUVs and pit them against one another on and off the road. Drive it! takes a Suzuki Grand Vitara and a VW Tiguan for a drive in the country. As could be expected from SUVs, both come with all-wheel drive and adequate ground clearance; a shallow creekbed is absolutely no obstacle. The Suzuki, equipped with a 124 kW, 2.4-liter gasoline-powered engine, starts at some 27,000 euros in Germany. In the Sport-&-Style edition with a two-liter, 132-kW TSI engine and off-road gear reduction, the Tiguan lists at some 32,700 euros. Which of the two does our tester think is the better car? Test it! The Mini SD CoupéThe coupé is based on the regular three-door edition but also takes cues from its convertible cousin.It comes across as the teenage hothead of the Mini family, which may have to do with its odd-shaped roof, which resembles a baseball cap worn backwards. The two-tone paint finish with contrasting sport stripes also make this a headturner. The developers refined the chassis and added a rear spoiler that automatically extends at speeds above 80 km/h. Drive it! test drove the Mini SD Coupé with a 105 kW sports diesel engine.Examine it! Green Utility VehiclesTrucks are the workhorses of trade - both national and international. They're also notorious air polluters.On the highway, they regularly block traffic and belch out clouds of acrid smoke, rich in harmful emissions and CO2. But there have been some changes in recent years. The diesel-driven juggernauts are now becoming cleaner and thriftier. With so many passenger cars dabbling in alternative energy sources, long-distance haulage is getting in on the act. Drive it! examines examples of "green" commercial vehicles.Vintage! A 1958 Mercedes 319 BusRalf Stengritt owns an extreme rarity: a Mercedes 319 bus. At first glance, Ralf's bus bears a close resemblance to the classic VW bus. A big difference is the Mercedes 319's 27 windows - four more than VW's Samba model. Ralf has installed benches all around to make it easier to enjoy the panoramic view. He found the Mercedes 319 in Australia, which explains why it has its steering wheel on the right. Drive it! rides along with Ralf and takes in the view.
Running time: 25:47