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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
BMW presents the new 3 series Gran Turismo or GT for short. New, used, large, small, stylish... In its newest edition, Drive it! presents a wide range of cars and takes a trip back to the 1950s.Present it! BMW 3-series GTBMW presents the new 3 series Gran Turismo or GT for short. The third different version of the 3 series combines the sporty dynamism of a sedan with the versatility of its Touring station wagon. The GT is 20 centimeters longer and 8 centimeters higher than the station wagon. This makes it feel very roomy and makes long trips much more pleasant. In Germany the GT starts at around €36,000. Test it! Skoda CitigoThe smallest member of the Skoda family is very agile -- and inexpensive to buy and operate. The Citigo is a close analog of the VW Up! and the Seat Mii. We wanted to find out what the little Czech can do. The first thing we noticed was its good shock absorbance. It ironed out bumps smoothly, which we didn't expect in the compact league. The Citigo provides more space than you'd expect and sells for prices starting at €8,890 in Germany. Examine it! Tips for buying a used carJamie is 19 years old, and can’t wait to get his first car - ideally, a used VW Golf. You need to be wary of buying a used car, of course! You’ll find plenty of genuine great deals - but also cars with hidden damage from accidents, or stolen vehicles. Then there are the negotiations, not easy given the expertise of used-car dealers. Jamie decided to take his parents along to car consultant Monika Haase. She knows all the potential tricks and traps involved. Taste it! Mazda 6 station wagonBigger, longer, wider! Mazda is not following the trend.This station wagon is actually shorter than the sedan - albeit only slightly. The Japanese car maker realizes that European parking garages can be very tight and that every centimeter counts. But does this mean there is less legroom in the back? Drive it! put the Mazda 6 to the test. Vintage! GLAS GTIt looks like a Ferrari, but hails from a small town in Bavaria: the GLAS GT. Hans Glas first produced farm machinery in Dingolfing, but in the 1950s he branched out into motor scooters and small cars like the Goggomobil. Later he created the sporty GLAS GT, which featured an Italian-made body. Drive it! meets Uwe Gusen, who owns two rare GLAS GTs. One is a 1700 GT coupe and the other a 1300 GT convertible, of which just 363 were ever made.
Running time: 15:40