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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The latest edition of Drive It spans more than a century: The new facelift for BMW and the fourth generation of the Subaru Forester; Audi celebrates 25 years in China; we meet Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and footballer Lukas Podolski at the Nürburgring; and we look back at the history of Italian car brand Alfa Romeo.Present it! BMW 5 Series SedanBMW presents an attractive new line of 5 series models.The new features include precise design modifications, an expanded selection of engine options, and innovative equipment. The distinctive kidney-shaped grill has been outfitted with new trim, and and the air-intakes have a new structure. There's also a new range of engines to choose from. The 5 Series 518d diesel boasts and engine with a power output of 99 kW. It's also available as a hybrid model. Examine it! Audi celebrates 25 years in ChinaAudi celebrates a special anniversary thousands of miles from home.Audi has been around in China for 25 years, producing four different models for the Chinese market at its production site in Changchun.The anniversary also coincides with another milestone: It took Audi 22 years to sell their first million cars, but just three years later they've sealed the deal on the second millionth. The success of their business has prompted the company to diversify. They want to expand their range and produce A3 saloon and sportback cars at their new factory in Foshan. Admire it! A clash of generations at the North LoopThe return of a racing legend to the Nürburgring - Silver Arrows driven by Nico Rosberg and Lewis HamiltonFormula 1 racers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton encounter two legends that made racing history - Mercedes' Silver Arrows. In 1938 Richard Seaman drove the W154 to victory and in 1954 Argentinian Juan Manuel Fango won the German Grand Prix in one. Today the cars are worth millions and return to the Nürburgring with today's stars at the steering wheels. And footballer Lukas Podolski joins Nico Rosberg for a lesson in Formula 1 driving. Test it! Subaru ForesterSubaru rolls out the fourth generation of the Forester -- featuring transmission technology "Made In Germany."Subaru has increased the performance capability of the "Lineartronic" Continuously Variable Transmission, which it developed with German partner firm Schaeffler Technologies. The newly-designed CVT features a multi-link chain and guide rails to increase torque -- to a maximum of 500 Newtonmeters. The Forester weights in at 1.6 tons, and is powered by a 177 kW gas-powered engine. We put the Forester through its paces, to see whether it really qualifies as a "sport utility vehicle." Vintage: Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SSFounded in 1910 Alfa Romeo is the most Italian of car brands and has had a colorful history.The 6C 2500 SS dates back to the middle of Alfa's century long history. It's combines pre-war motor technology with the aesthetics of the early post-war era. Alfa started producing the 6C series in 1927 and the model was continuously updated until 1953 to keep up with the times. 6C stands for "sei cilindri" - six cylinders. This 1948 6C already had a 2 and half litre engine and 110 horsepower. Right from the word go, the engine was equipped with dual overhead camshafts.
Running time: 25:47