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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
On this edition we look at the souped-up Porsche Cayenne S Diesel, the better looking and more economical Mazda 6, Volkswagen's Polo World Rally Car, the phenomenon of car sharing and the classic Jaguar E-Type.Present it!: Porsche Cayenne S DieselPorsche introduces a new diesel version of the Cayenne. The 4-point-2 liter, biturbo motor makes the S model the next exciting addition to Porsche's Cayenne diesel range. The familiar, smaller Cayenne Diesel, with its V6 motor, offered maximum fuel efficiency combined with sporting performance. The emphasis with the new Cayenne S Diesel is the reverse: maximum performance combined with efficiency. Test it!: The Mazda 6 SedanThe new model Mazda 6 takes a lot of the ideas of the CX-5 and develops them further.The Mazda 6 has been around for 12 years, but now a new generation is hitting the market. The new model is being touted as better looking, sportier and more efficient than its predecessor. We put those claims to the test.Admire it!: VW Polo WRCThe World Rally Championship has kicked off again with a VW start in Monte Carlo. VW's Polo R WRC debuted in Monte Carlo in January - and finished second. The high performance Polo goes from zero to 100 in just 6.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of 243 kilometers an hour. That makes it considerably more powerful than the Polo GTI. In Germany, you can buy a street version of the car for 33,900 euros. But with a production run of just 2,500, you'll have to hurry. Examine it: Car SharingMore and more Germans are using car sharing services. The idea is especially popular in big cities.Car sharing is not just something offered by companies any more. Increasingly, ordinary people are renting out their private cars for short periods of time. A platform called Tamyca - short for take my care - makes such transactions possible. Some 2800 vehicles in 650 German towns are on offer. Drive it! tested out the service in Stuttgart.Vintage: Jaguar E TypeThe iconic E Type was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 and has been turning heads ever since. This Jaguar doesn't just boast good looks. It also performs well. With its six-cylinder 198 kilowatt engine, it can reach top speeds of just under 240 kilometres an hour. The sports car's engine evolved from the successful Jaguar D-Type racing car. Production of the E Type stopped in September 1974. These days they're expensive collectors' items-- with the 3.8 litre Series 1 models reaching the top prices.
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