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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Whether tough offroader or smart family wagon - the Skoda Yeti offers SUV fun starting at €19,000. Going after the Golf - Mercedes takes aim at the compact segment with its youthful A Class. Plus: One sneeze and it's gone - The dangers of cough medicine behind the wheel.Present it! Skoda Yeti Outdoor and CityThe Skoda Yeti City is an elegant town cruiser, while the Yeti Outdoor whets your appetite for adventure with its offroad styling. They are the first Skoda models with a rear view camera and electronically controlled all-wheel drive. All for a competitive €19,000.Taste it!: The New Mercedes A ClassThe third generation Mercedes A Class is now well established in the mini MPV class as a serious competitor for the VW Golf. Mercedes is aiming the lower, sportier contours at a younger generation of car-buyers. We checked out the A Class to see how much appeal it might have for this target group.Examine it! Legal Medication at the WheelAs winter goes on, coughs and colds become more frequent. Many car owners take remedies without a second thought about possible effects on their fitness to drive. The police have no legal limits or guidelines concerning prescription drugs, however. Driving under the influence of cold remedies, for example, can certainly be dangerous.Test it! Seat Leon STThe latest addition to Seat’s Leon family is the "ST". We test the new wagon with a 132 kW gasoline engine, powering the car to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds. Our tester Reinhold Deisenhofer took an instant liking to the Leon ST and its agility. The latter stems from its low overall weight and the performance-tuned engines.Vintage: The Ford Consul and the Mercury CougarIn the early 1970s, the Ford Consul was advertized as Germany's version of the "American Way of Drive". Its American cousin was the now classic 1974 Mercury Cougar, another Ford marque. It was built to American dimensions with an engine to match - the optional 7.5-liter Big Block.
Running time: 21:00