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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive It! checks out the new edition of an automotive legend; the Golf enters its seventh generationExamine it! The VW Golf Mark VIIDrive It! reports from the world premiere in Berlin, where the seventh generation of the bestseller was unveiled to the world. The new edition is around 100 kilos lighter than its predecessor - thanks to ultra-strong steel elements that save 23 kg in the body alone. But the new Golf is no more expensive than the previous model. Present it! The Ford B-MaxFord’s new B-Max is a compact MPV with extra room for a growing family. The innovative door design is what makes the B-Max a standout. Together with the lack of a B-pillar, the rear sliding doors allow for easy access to the back. Picture it! The Renault TwizyDespite its modest size, the Renault Twizy is said to have great crash safety ratings. And it also comes with an airbag! Doors are an optional extra costing 600 euros. But the electric midget is hardly intended for long vacation journeys, of course. Its battery-based range is just 100 kilometers. Drive It! takes a closer look at the electric city runaround. Test it! The Fiat PandaIn the 1980s the Fiat Panda enjoyed cult status: minimalistic, functional, and practical. 30 years on, and the Italians have decided to relaunch the Panda – now as a modern and a stylish affair. Drive It! wants to find out how much of the original genes are in the new edition. Vintage: The Mercedes 300 SLWhen this car was launched back in 1954, it wasn’t just the gullwing doors that stunned the car world. It also boasted cutting-edge engineering that made the model an immediate classic. ans Kleissl has been a fan of the Mercedes 300 SL since his student days. He now repairs and restores old models at his workship in Bavaria.
Running time: 16:37