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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
This edition of Drive it! covers the gamut of modern automotive classics: from a 1950s van to today’s top sportscars.Present it! Dacia Logan MCVDacia's new station wagon goes on the market. The second generation of the Dacia Logan MCV once again offers unbeatable value. The new model has a maximum cargo capacity of 1,518 liters and numerous storage options in the interior, plus the latest Renault turbo engines. That makes it a family-friendly wagon for the price of a small car.Examine it! Porsche - Mission 2014 + Meet the Heroes of Le MansAfter a 16-year hiatus, Porsche will be returning to the LMP1 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championships in 2014. The carmaker already saw a successful roll-out for its new racing prototype at its testing grounds in Weissach in June. The new regulations for the 2014 WEC season require teams to deploy the latest hybrid advancements. Drive it! also looks back at Porsche’s glory days on the track, and introduces its new hope for the coming season. Test it! Audi RS Q3Audi selected its smallest SUV as the latest model to get the RS badge. The high-performance version of the Q3 boasts 310 horsepower and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. The new model also has its practical appeal, however; it now has a higher seat position, for example. Prices for the Audi RS Q3 in Germany start at €55,000.Inside it! Car Under Water- How Much Can an Engine Take?Last spring, overflowing rivers across Central Europe left thousands of cars under water. But even a heavy downpour can flood streets within a matter of minutes. So what should you do if your car is full of water? Is it only fit for the scrapheap, or can it be salvaged? Drive it! simulates various flooding situations, and tells drivers how to handle them.Vintage: Tempo MatadorThe economic miracle that resurrected West Germany after the Second World War had many manifestations. As the VW Beetle began to mobilize the masses, many small businesses relied on a robust, small truck for shipments and deliveries. From coal merchants to plumbers and glaziers to greengrocers, Germany's upwardly mobile small businessmen swore by the reliability of the Tempo Matador. Businessman Oskar Vidal created the iconic commercial vehicle in 1950. The truck was initially fitted with four-cylinder, 25 hp boxer engines. When that changed, so did the fate of the Matador.
Running time: 22:04