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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Sporty, fast, extravagant, and stylish driving -- that's the focus of this edition of Drive It! But we'll also be thinking about how to save fuel.Present it!: Land Rover Range Rover SportA muscular, elegant chassis design and a high-quality, flexible interior are just a few of the attributes of the Range Rover Sport, the new sports SUV. Land Rover has realized that off-road vehicles are driven mostly ON the road, so it has concentrated on improving the car's performance there. A new aluminum chassis makes the new Range Rover Sport 420 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Drive it! tests the sports SUV's maneuverability with a slalom course. Examine it!: Eco TuningWith energy prices on the rise, long-distance drivers are looking for new ways to save on fuel. We take a look at two potential ways to boost fuel efficiency. Chip Tuning, or Eco Tuning, promises up to a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption and can be cost-effective in the long-term. It's not a good idea for brand new cars though as engine modification voids the guarantee. Installing a start-stop system is not advised as the internal wiring could catch fire, putting lives in danger. No reputable garage will agree to carry out the procedure. Our experts warn drivers to stay well away. Taste it: VW Golf GTIVW has brought out twin versions of its Golf GTI model. We test the more powerful of the two, the Performance. It's not only the dynamic-aggressive appearance which scores points. The VW shows its good side under the hood too. The Golf GTI Performance is the strongest in the Golf range: The four cylinder two liter turbo petrol engine produces 170kW and gets it from zero to 100 kmh in six point four seconds. New features on the three door car: the progressive steering and a newly developed front axle differential lock. Test it: BMW 5er GTBMW added the GT to its upper medium class 5 Series in 2009. Now the company has sold more than a million of the sixth generation 5 series, it's given the range a facelift. The improvements aren't just superficial; the Gran Tourismo is more high tech too. Drive it takes a look under the hood and checks out the character of the most extravagant of the 5 series models. Vintage: MG CTClassic English sports cars play a big role in Lebrecht Tiede's life; they are almost a religion for him. His greatest treasure stands in a small back courtyard garage: an MG TC. About 10,000 of them were built. It's sporty but extremely Spartan. Its long nose, freestanding fenders, deeply cut-out doors, and short, steep stern make it look like a classic English roadster from the 1930s. The TC has stiff steering and very sporty road behavior; those who like that, accept the price: a rough ride. Drive it! went for an outing in this classic car.
Running time: 20:00