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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
This edition of "Drive it" looks at Audi's first-ever compact family sedan - and the new A3 packs a punch. BMW's Z4 is a driver's dream after a makeover. And VW's legendary campervan has made hotels superfluous for adventuresome travelers for more than a quarter century.Present it! Audi A3 LimousineAudi's compact A3 hits the market in sedan form in August. In addition to top-class technical features, the car's additional 15 centimeters of length are a bonus for rear passengers and extra luggage. The price tag in Germany starts at 24,300 euros. Later in the year the sporty S3 will follow with 221kW of power (300 horsepower) and 380 Nm engine torque, accelerating the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Test it! BMW Z4Earlier this year BMW gave its Z4 sports model a facelift. With a longer hood and wheel base and a flatter rear end, the Z4 is like nothing else in its class. Our test driver took it out on the road to see what it could really do. With a 250-kW engine powering the car forward, he had a lot of fun in the process.Vintage: TVR 5000MJens Seltrecht always had a love of vintage cars, so one day he turned his passion into a job and opened up his own dealership. Among the many gems sitting in his underground garage is a TVR. It was originally a 3000M, but after the current owner had his way it now sports a brutal Ford V8 engine, which cranks out an impressive 300 hp.Spot it! Pedelecs - A Gentle Push for the Summer"Pedelec" is short for "pedal electric cycle": a type of e-bike where the motor assists the rider's pedaling. They can reach speeds of 25 km/h and are selling like hotcakes, even after a bad start with a range of complaints about bugs and technical faults: poor brakes, weak batteries, faulty wiring and even broken frames. Drive it! learns what to look for in a good-quality pedelec.Examine it! VW Calfiornia Camping BusVW's California campervan made its first appearance 25 years ago, liberating vacationers from hotels and campgrounds. Its trademark was its pop-top with fabric sidewalls. Nearly 100,000 units have been built in the meantime. To mark the anniversary, test driver Mathis Kurrat took his own California on the road, following in the tiretracks of past generations from Germany to Spain, looking for a taste of nostalgia today.
Running time: 21:46