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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
On this edition, Drive it! presents new approaches to electromobility. And we conduct an unusual comparison test: pitting a two-seater Electric Drive Smart ForTwo against a Mercedes Actros heavy duty truck.Present it! Taking the BMW i3 for a Test DriveThe new BMW i3 looks a bit odd, but then it has the bulk of its weight in places other than the usual ones. The passenger compartment is framed in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, while the chassis is cast in aluminum.The car's electric motor generates 125 kW of power and achieves a maximum 250 Nm of torque. One battery charge will last it up to 190 kilometers. In November, 2013, the i3 will be appearing in showrooms across Europe, and in early 2014, in dealerships in the USA, Japan and China. It starts at 34,950 euros in Germany. Spot it! David vs Goliath - the Smart meets the Mercedes ActrosIn our comparison test, we set up a controversial battle - pitting David against Goliath, or rather a small city car, the Smart ForTwo, against a huge whale of a truck, the Actros. The smallest and biggest vehicles made by Daimler both put on a good show, using crafty tactics to reveal their own advantages when it comes to things like legroom, storage space, agility and proving their green credentials. Test it! The Lancia Flavia ConvertibleAfter the Lancia Thema and the Lancia Voyager, the Lancia Flavia is the third model to emerge from the cooperation between Fiat and Chrysler. LED head and taillights are standard; dynamic side contours and a beefy grille lend the new Flavia an elegant but assertive character. It's sporty, with a touch of brawn. Drive It! test-drove a Flavia with a 2.4-liter gas-powered engine, rated for a top speed of 195 km/h. Examine it! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Snow TiresIn the northern hemisphere, people are preparing for the arrival of winter: for drivers that mainly means putting on snow tires. But how can they choose the safest ones? The EU has introduced a special tire label to help consumers decide. But, as Drive it! discovered, many of the ratings are confusing. And the tires were tested for their 'wet grip', but not their performance on ice and snow. Taste it! Porsche CaymanIt's only when you've actually driven a Porsche that you understand what its mythical reputation is all about. And more people could now get this chance, by taking the Cayman for a spin. The basic model starts at just over 50,000 euros - steep but still 40,000 euros cheaper than a Porsche 911. In our test, the Cayman comes out tops, with the ability to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds.
Running time: 19:41