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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The new A-Class - Mercedes unleashes a new, more dynamic edition. The VW Beetle and VW Up! - a meeting of generations 65 years apart. And: the Opel Ampera - the electro-hybrid removes fears of getting stranded.Present it! The Mercedes A-ClassThe new generation of the A-Class is intended to mark a double change of generations for Mercedes, which here has its eye especially on the younger target group. And this isn’t just the third edition; this marks a radical turning point for the carmaker. The designers were evidently given a license to thrill. The new A-Class looks far sportier and more dynamic, thanks to its expanded dimensions: 41 cm longer, 1.5 cm wider and 16 cm lower. Examine it! VW Generations: the Beetle and the Up!Some 65 years after the issue of the first Beetle, Volkswagen launched the up! The Golf and Polo became increasingly sophisticated and expensive over the years, so the Up! is now perhaps the true successor to the Beetle as an entry-level car for everyman. 65 years are a long time in automotive progress. We compare the old and new in terms of powertrain, ride and safety.Test it! The Opel AmperaThe Opel Ampera has already won its fair share of accolades, including "2012 Car of the Year” in Germany and "World Green Car of the Year 2011”. The unique combination of electric power and conventional combustion engine for maximum range is shared by the Opel Ampera and its GM sister model, the Chevrolet Volt.Depending on driving style and driving conditions, the car can cover an emission-free 40 to 80 kilometers on pure battery power. But drivers do not have to have the usual anxieties about electromobility and fear being stranded because of an empty battery. Drive it! puts the Ampera through its paces.Spot it! Motorbike SafetySummertime is motorbike time. All too often, however, motorbike riders cannot resist the desire for speed and forget that public roads are not racetracks. In doing so, they endanger both their own lives and those of others.There can be hazards lurking around every corner - trees, traffic signs and above all cars. The German police therefore conducts regular checks on popular biker routes. Unfortunately, the prospect of a fine does not deter some bikers. A responsible approach towards themselves and other road users is the key to safe biking.Vintage: Cisitalia 202The Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport is to this day a pioneering example of a stylish automobile. Following up on the racing version, in 1947 the first road-going Cisitalia was launched in both convertible and coupé form.Its engineering is essentially from Fiat; the transmission, suspension and engine were all borrowed from the trusty Fiat 1100. Its makers did soup up the engine, of course. The resulting 65 hp coupled with outstanding aerodynamics gave the Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport a top speed of 160 km/h.
Running time: 21:16