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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
SEAT presents the new Toledo - 77 kW and 5 liters/100km for €13,900. The Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, with 310 kW and 9.5 liters/100km for €73,000. And a hazardous job: manning highway construction zones.Present it! Seat ToledoSeat introduces the fourth generation of the Toledo: a car with an edgier design than its predecessors. The Toledo gets top marks for its fuel economy of five liters per 100 kilometers. What's more, in Germany it can be had for under 14-thousand euros.Spot it! BMW HP4 MotorbikeBMW unleashes its latest two-wheeled dream machine: the HP4, a superbike for the race track and the road. It also has a world first on board: the Dynamic Damping Control system. DDC uses sensor-supplied parameters to adjust the suspension to the current riding maneuver or road surface.Examine it! The Hazards of Highway ConstructionConstruction sites on the highway are dangerous for workers and car drivers alike. Cars and vans often crash into the safety barriers at full speed, but a simple cardboard construction developed in Switzerland could make roads much safer.Test it! Mercedes SLK 55 AMGMercedes claims that its SLK 55 AMG uses around 30 percent less fuel than its predecessor. That's in spite of the sports car's new 5.5-liter, 8-cylinder aspirated engine which produces 310 kilowatts of power and a beefy 540 Newton meters of torque. The secret lies in the car's cylinder management system, which can turn the 8-cylinder into a 4-cylinder in a fraction of a second.Vintage: 1961 Fiat MultiplaThe original Fiat Multipla was a forefather of the modern minivan. But the vehicle had one striking feature: it was hard to tell the front from the back -- a bit like a shaggy sheepdog. So Drive It! decided to embark on a crazy comparison test: 1961 Fiat Multipla versus Lucky the dog.
Running time: 21:52