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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Present it: Skoda Superb Sedan Gets a FaceliftSkoda presents its revamped version of the second generation of the Superb. The company's flagship car has had a facelift and now features xenon headlights, including integrated LED daytime running lights and a new hood. The entry-level model Skoda Superb Greenline consumes only 4.2 liters of diesel to go 100 kilometers and costs 23,990 euros in Germany.Examine it!: the Silvretta Classics - Vintage Cars Meet Modern Electric VehiclesThe Silvretta Classic Rallye is a vintage rally with a difference - for the fourth time, it put the old and the new, the classic and state-of-the-art on the road together. Some 180 vintage cars from the 1920s to the '70s drove through Montafon and thrilled the classic car buff crowds in July. Drive it! was among the spectators.Test It!: Kia Carens Family-VanVolkswagen's Touran is one of the best-selling vans in Germany. Now it's getting some hot competion from South Korea in the shape of Kia's newly developed, fourth generation Carens. The Korean compact van's design was conceived in Germany. Drive it! takes the 32 thousand euro luxury version with all the extras out for a spin.Spot It!: The Mercedes Arocs TruckAll-terrain vehicles like the SUV are popular with drivers. But when it comes to trucks, there are some that are made for the road, while others are designed to handle rougher stuff. The Mercedes Arocs is a real heavyweight all-terrain industrial truck. The biggest model weighs in at a maximum of 41 tons. A quarry in the Wuppertal is a fitting place to look on at the Arocs does its stuff.Vintage: AmphicarA garage in downtown Munich, is where car collector Richard Orthuber keeps his greatest treasure, an Amphicar Type 770. The rare classic wasn't just one of the quickest cars on the road -- it could also travel on water as well. In order to drive and float, the Amphicar needs a registration to travel on the streets and another on waterways.Richard Orthuber checks all the seals before Drive it! joins him for a ride ... a tour of the German lake called the Chiemsee.
Running time: 21:08