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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
All the latest news and developments from the Geneva Motor Show - with fuel efficiency more important than ever before. This edition of Drive it! also presents an example of how innovative technology was helping to maximize the thrill at the wheel back in the 1960s.Examine It!: The 2013 Geneva Motor ShowBy tradition, the international Geneva Motor Show opens the automotive trade fair season in Europe. Every year, exhibitors present some 700 marques to a good 700,000 fairgoers. Those figures rank the Geneva Motor Show among the world’s biggest car events. Drive It! presents some of the highlights and world premieres, studies and latest developments in alternative drive systems.Taste it! The Opel MokkaOpel’s new subcompact SUV is eager for adventure. Drive It! takes the 96 kW turbo diesel for a spin. The Mokka comes with no shortage of special features. Among the optional extras are a front camera system with traffic sign recognition, collision alert and lane departure warning - plus adaptive forward lighting, and a heated steering wheel and seats.Test it! The Ford FocusThree-cylinder engines are helping to lower cars' fuel consumption. They're already available for the VW Up! and the Smart. Now Ford is introducing a three-cylinder for its Focus model. The automaker says the car uses just 4.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. But is it any fun to drive?Spot It!: Traffic Safety: The Right Way to TowAs long as there have been cars, there have been breakdowns. The engine dies or the power fails, and you’re left standing at the side of the road with a hunk of useless metal. Television reports in the 1970s gave advice on what to do in this situation. Drive it! dug into the archives to see what's changed about towing cars in the years since - and what hasn’t.Vintage! Honda S800Drive it! goes for a spin in a Honda S800, the nifty little sports car that turned the Japanese automaker into a global player in the industry. No other car coaxes so much power and fun out of a 0.8-liter engine.While the suspension is too hard and you really need to stomp on the brakes, the S800 has otherwise stood the test of time. Join us for a ride in this unique milestone of automotive history.
Running time: 22:01