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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Sustainable Golf -- VW finally launches a natural-gas powered version of its popular TGI. BMW's electric wonder -- the i3 convinces even a notorious e-car skeptic. And: Lifesaving lessons -- the best ways to exit a vehicle after an accident.Present it! VW's Natural Gas Golf TGIThe seventh edition of the VW Golf is now finally available with an engine powered by natural gas. The1.4 Liter TSI motor in the bivalent Golf TGI burns both natural gas and gasoline. Together, its tanks give the car a total range of around 1,350 kilometers.Drive it! took out the TGI Bluemotion for a spin. The environmentally-friendly vehicle could turn out to be a big hit with people who spend a lot of time on the road.Test it! BMW i3Can the new BMW i3 convince a notorious e-car skeptic? Car tester Daniel Güldner heads for Amsterdam, where electric cars are gaining a real foothold, to check out BMW's entrant in the field.The i3 is not just a reconfigured fuel-burning model. It was designed from the ground up, with a carbon-fiber chassis and many sustainable features. But will that be enough to fire up Daniel's car-loving heart?Taste it! Mercedes 4x4 SprinterThe Mercedes Sprinter is Europe's undisputed top dog in the 3.5-ton commercial van segment. Now the German carmaker has produced an all-wheel model able to cope with the demands of extreme winter conditions. Drive it! put the 4x4 Sprinter through its paces in the Austrian Alps.Examine it! Getting out after an accidentDrive it! simulates a serious accident with the help of automotive reporter Michael Antwerpes. How can you escape a car that has flipped onto its roof, when you're buckled up inside? Are modern power windows a help or a hindrance? We take you through steps that can help save lives.Vintage: The Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting BrakeAston Martin has always has a devoted following for the cars it makes, and not all of them are James Bond fans. One of the car maker's most popular models was the legendary Lagonda, which debuted in 1976.Some thought it was ugly, others were fascinated by its lines and concept. A businessman from Hong Kong wanted his luxury and his dogs, too, so he had one turned into a station wagon -- known as a 'Shooting Brake', it's the only Aston Martin station wagon in existence.
Running time: 14:52