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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive it! introduces racy station wagons and vans that set new standards for commercial vehicles. Join us and find out an economical way to drive through the summer while staying in the sun in one of the latest rag tops.Present it! Audi RS6Audi's new RS6 Avant station wagon is a powerful mix of sporty high performance and family car. It has 560 horsepower four liter V8 biturbo under the hood. But a start stop-system and innovative heat management mean it consumes some 30 percent less than its predecessor. Drive it! takes a closer look at the "super-wagon" that sells for 108 thousand euros in Germany.Examine it! Safety in road tunnelsCar drivers around the world drive through tunnels daily. Some are plagued by uneasy feelings. If something really goes wrong, many people start panicking and do the wrong thing. What are you supposed to do if you have an accident or your car breaks down in a tunnel? Drive it! explains.Taste it! Opel CascadaThe Cascada is supposed to signify that winds of change are blowing at Opel. An unassuming four-seat convertible at first glance, it's as big as its rag top counterparts from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, yet sells for as much as 20 thousand euros less. Drive It! tests the new Cascada to find out just how much luxury Opel has on offer.Test it! Mercedes SprinterThe 3.5 ton Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is internationally accepted as the van to own. The updated version introduces new features. It complies with future Euro VI emissions standards and uses only 6.3 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. Five new assist systems help it make the roads safer.Vintage! Corvette StingrayA Corvette Stingray is the stuff of many young men's dreams. It was no different for Joey Wünsch. Except that when the 19-year-old found HER 1969 Stingray, she shifted stereotypes by dispensing with the macho male driver to get behind the wheel herself. Now, a decade later, Joey's still cruising in her Chevy classic, and sometimes even lets her boyfriend ride shotgun.
Running time: 17:26