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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Drive It! takes a look at cars from across the spectrum, from economic day-to-day models to some of the classiest cars ever made.Present It!: Audi S3Audi's S range is well known for its powerful models. Now the S3 is available as a sedan. Kitted out with a 4-cylinder direct injection gasoline-powered engine, it pumps out 221 kW, or roughly 300 bhp. That's enough to take it from 0-100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds.Test It!: The Lada GrantaDrive It! takes the Lada Granta for a test drive - a first experience with a Russian car. The Granta is Lada's newest model and already the second-best-seller in its Russian homeland. It's built to be robust and practical.It has only two engines to choose from, powered by gasoline, or for a little extra, by LPG. In Germany, it starts at 9000 euros - about the price of a Dacia station wagen. Is the Lada Granta worth the money? Examine It!: Repairs - It Pays to Collect EstimatesSilvia Breher put a dent in the side of her VW Touran while pulling out of a parking spot. Repairs in the manufacturers own workshop could run her thousands of euros. Silvia asks independent automotive consultant Monika Haase how she might lower the repair costs.Monika worked for a car dealership for years and knows from experience that the repair bill is a question of bargaining skill. The result is impressive. She goes to an independent garage and ends up saving Silvia nearly 5000 euros. Spot It!: Car LightsSeeing and being seen is vital when it comes to car safety. Daytime running lights can help during the day. But are they enough at dusk or in tunnels? We ask drivers for their views. We also find out when tail fog lamps should -- and shouldn't -- be used. And we solve the mystery of what that blinking signal on your dashboard means. Tune in to watch this illuminating piece on Drive it!Vintage: Bentley S2 ContinentalEverything about the Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur underlines its quiet sense of class. Fitted with exquisite leather seats and a dashboard made of burl wood, it's a vintage car that still measures up to many of its modernday counterparts. And Bentley cars are still among the most reliable on the market, which is why so many of them are still on the roads after decades.
Running time: 12:45