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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The crocodile bites again! Porsche has brought out the third generation of its two-seater sports coupé, the Cayman. Fuel misers square off: the BMW 1 series and the Volvo V40 in the diesel variant: Which goes farthest on the least? And: the topless beetle...taking the VW convertible out for a spin in Nice.Test it!: Porsche CaymanPorsche has released its third, completely revamped generation of the two-seater Cayman sports coupé. A longer wheelbase, broader axle track, and bigger wheels give the middle engine car greatly enhanced driving dynamics. The engine is more powerful -- and at the same time thriftier. It has 239 kilowatts and is supposed to consume just 8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.Compare it!: BMW 1 series - Volvo V40Car manufacturers tout their products' fuel efficiency. So we tested two low-consumption models -- the BMW 116d in the Efficient Dynamics Edition and the Volvo V40 D2. Both have almost equally powerful 1.6 liter turbo-diesel direct injection engines. We drove them on the same routes to see whether they bring the promised savings.Taste it!: Beetle ConvertibleThe latest Beetle convertible harks back to another era, while at the same time introducing a modern twist. It cuts a fine figure, whether its electronic soft top is open or down. It may have maintained its alluring cartoonish headlights, but this model, with a soft top that opens up in just 9.5 seconds is all about customization. There are countless options to choose from. Prices start at 21,350 euros in Germany. Examine it!: Cadillac ATS on Snow and IceCadillac has designed its European ATS especially for European preferences and driving conditions. The suspension is tighter and built for greater speeds than are customary in the USA. The European models also have to handle well in snow and ice. In snowy, hilly Switzerland, Drive it! tested Cadillac's ATS sport sedan. Its all-wheel drive gets it through the toughest and slipperiest spots.Vintage: 1948 Mercedes 170 V Pickup TruckDaimler Benz resumed production right after World War II in 1946. Transport vehicles were in high demand. The Mercedes 170 V pickup could accommodate up to six people on its wooden benches, and the 1.7-liter, four-cylinder inline engine produced a modest 38 horsepower at 3600 RPMs.
Running time: 25:47