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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The latest models from the auto shows in Tokyo and Los Angeles; a new subcompact from Hyundai; a glimpse of the automotive future; a milestone birthday; plus timeless design. Drive it! surveys the timeline from the 1960s through to the present - and to the technology of tomorrow.Examine it! The 2013 Tokyo and LA Auto ShowsIt’s a massive week on the car show calendar, with two of the industry’s biggest events coinciding on different continents.The Tokyo Motor Show and Los Angeles Auto Show are both on right now, and Drive it! of course had reporters on the ground in both Japan and California. They’ll report on the latest trends, focusing on both German marques and leading carmakers from the American and Japanese domestic industries.Present it!: Hyundai i10Hyundai presents the second generation of the i10 subcompact. The i10 hatchback emerged from Hyundai Europe's development and design center in Germany. Buyers have a choice between two gasoline engines with 48 or 64 kW and between four different equipment editions. Drive it! tested the version with the smaller engine and was surprised at the car's pep and maneuverability. The remake of the model has also seen Hyundai shifting production from India to Turkey. The i10 is now manufactured alongside its big brother, the i20, in Izmit, about 90 kilometers outside Istanbul. Inside it! Mercedes S-Class - Autonomous drivingIt's a breathtaking vision -- in the future cars will drive themselves in traffic Futurologists say it's going to happen. Computers will tell cars where to go, when to stop and when to move on. There are cars that are already living this vision. Mercedes has fitted an S-class with sensors, cameras and computers. The car can steer, accelerate and enter a roundabout on its own. We're not driving the car - it's driving us. What's amazing is that we're out on regular streets rather than a test track, and moving along at speeds of up to 80 kilometers an hour. Spot it! BMW Motorcycles turns 90 + World premiere for R Nine TBMW Motorcycles celebrates 90 years on the road with a look at past and future models. Among the highlights at the birthday event was the world premiere of the R Nine T. The neo-retro roadster has a simple and timeless design. It’s all thrills and few frills and basic instruments. The air-cooled 1.2-liter two-cylinder boxer engine puts out 81 kW and 120 Nm of torque. The birthday party included other milestones from the past, however, such as the BMW R 90 S. This was the first motorbike in BMW history to involve a designer in its evolution. The racing version went on to win the first ever superbike event. Vintage! The Studebaker Avanti1963 was an eventful year for the automotive world: Porsche brought out its first 911, Lamborghini was developing its 350GT, and Chevrolet premiered its Corvette Sting Ray. The Studebaker Corporation did not want to be left out. It turned to designer Raymond Loewy, the brains behind the Coca-Cola bottle's legendary form, to save the American carmaker from bankruptcy. He developed the Studebaker Avanti luxury sport coupe. Volume production lasted only until 1964, with a total of 4,600 cars built. Two ex-Studebaker dealers bought the production tooling and space, and hand-built Avanti replicas through the 1990s - their own tribute to Raymond Loewy's timeless design.
Running time: 22:26