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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
In this edition, Drive it! is going all sensible. We take a look at the safest and most economical cars, test start-stop fuel saving systems, and go back in time to look at Porsche's first electric car.Present it! Volvo S60Volvo has unveiled its updated S60 sedan. Besides a redesigned front end, the changes under the hood are especially striking. Here Volvo is ringing in a new era with its Drive-E engines. That's because the gasoline direct-injection and turbo-diesel engines developed by Volvo itself offer up to 30 percent lower fuel consumption than the powerplants they replace.Examine it! Awards for "Sensible Cars"For the 14th time, readers of a consumer magazine have honored vehicles that are particularly economical and safe. The winners this year are the Nissan Note among compact cars, the Skoda Octavia as top sedan and the SEAT Leon ST as the most sensible MPV. There was also an innovation award for the Mercedes S500 Intelligent Drive.This driverless car went on a long-distance trip to prove it can handle complex road situations all by itself - even in heavy traffic. Taste It! BMW 3-Series GTIt's neither a sedan, nor a compact, nor a station wagon. The BMW 3-Series GT is a grand tourer in every sense of the world. The big Beemer boasts the largest trunk of any of its 3-Series siblings and has ample legroom in the back for passengers. We go for a drive with the head concierge of a top hotel at the wheel.Inside It! Start-Stop Technology - We Put it to the TestManufacturers say cars equipped with stop-start technology consume between 10 and 15 percent less fuel in the city. But do those claims hold any water? Drive it! drove a Mercedes B-Class through a busy city at rush hour -- first with, and then without, the system switched on. We found the feature did save some fuel, but considerably less than the manufacturer promised.Vintage: Porsche P1 - The Original PorscheIt may be 116 years old but the Porsche P1 is still bang up to date. Before he set about building his auto empire, 23-year-old Ferdinand Porsche designed what's thought to be the world's first electric car. It had a range of 80 kilometers and a top speed of 35 kilometers an hour. Discovered in an old shed in Austria, it's just gone on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.
Running time: 15:13