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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The star shining bright in the automotive sky- Mercedes presents the new S-Class. Canny crossover - the new Renault Captur is great for urban and rural adventures, and at a nice price. Plus: Driving without a driver - Volvo's new assists make cars independent ... almost .Present it! The Mercedes S-ClassThe S-Class is perhaps the ultimate German luxury car, and the latest edition again sets new standards in engineering and comfort. The engines range in output from 190-335 kW. In a world first, 500 LEDs replace all the light bulbs in charge of lighting the road, interior and trunk. Prices for the entry-level diesel version start in Germany at just under €80,000.Test it! The Renault CapturThe Captur combines the advantages of a sports utility vehicle with the versatility of a compact MPV and the modesty of a small car: official consumption is just 3.6 liters for 100 km. The Captur is based on Renault's Clio platform. But with an extra 17 cm of ground clearance it is well equipped for farm lanes and dirt roads too.Inside it! Volvo's new safety assistsVolvo presents all its latest safety innovations on a testing ground outside Gothenburg. We look ahead to cars that can navigate their way around supermarket car parks without driver involvement, and know when an ambulance is approaching or if there's a stationary car around the next bend. A brave new automotive world...Spot It!: The perfect passengerLong trips would be boring without someone riding shotgun. But what if the person is a backseat driver, motor mouth and has difficulty sitting still? In terms of the law and liability, what are do's and don'ts for passengers? Join Drive it! to find out.Vintage: Hebmüller convertibles -- the Borgward Hansa 1500When the Borgward Hansa 1500 convertible was introduced in 1949, it left other German cars in the dust. Models of Opels and Mercedes still looked like they did in the pre-war era. The Hansa was the first German car modeled on the curvy lines of its counterparts in the US. And it was a convertible. Drive it! takes one out for a summer spin.
Running time: 23:06